Thursday, July 23, 2009

Food - part deux

Apparently my last food post was "lacking," so I'll try to 'spice it up' this time. We went to the Moniprix supermarket this morning (it was one of Juli's favorite events) and bought some staples (like Coke Light) and snacks. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but I do love the chips here. I had roast chicken flavor chips in England (Worcestershire sauce flavored too) last year, so I looked for them here, but I also found ham flavor and balsamic flavor! I love it - I really hope that they start importing them to the US. The bacon crackers look good too. They had Pringles, but these were Sweet BBQ Sparerib style with rice infusions. Notice the Coke Light (they don't call it diet) is in a 1.5 liter bottle. Shopping in the supermarket was pretty reasonable and an entirely fun adventure. Our stop at the post office was challenging. You don't just take a number or stand in line, you have to punch in one of three options about what you want to do - send, receive, or operations (whatever that is) just to get a number. I noticed last time in Paris that the least bilingual of anyone I met was a post office worker and it was true today, but with a little patience and sign language we got Juli's post card stamps.

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  1. Interesting coincidence...Sarah returned home yesterday with a photograph of a bag of "chicken flavored" potato chips too...must be a non-USA flavoring...I really like grocery shopping in other countries too :D